The benefits of an integrated approach to movement are numerous!  For example, core strength, awareness of breathing and learning to move using the entire musculature in a balanced way leads to:

  • improved posture, balance and alignment
  • increased flexibility and co-ordination
  • reducing aches, pains and stress
  • increased body awareness
  • improved vitality and relaxation
  • improved day to day functional movement

‘Core’ strength – Pilates exercises strengthen the ‘core’ muscles in the body ie. the deep abdominal muscles and muscles closest to the spine.  Exercises that focus on the integration of the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle develop our ‘core’ muscles leading to a healthier, stronger body.

Breathing – Healthy breath patterns can improve posture, energy levels and movement quality. Improving our breathing can also reduce stress and facilitate a more relaxed mind and body!

‘Movement facilitates breath, breath facilitates movement’.  (Joseph Pilates)

A healthy spine – Pilates exercises increase access to spinal movement leading to improved flexibility. People often say they feel taller after a Pilates class!  Pilates exercises also work on elongating and strengthening muscle elasticity, creating space and flexibility in the body.

‘If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.’  (Joseph Pilates)