About Sally

My professional movement background is in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) (ie. the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance for personal integration and growth).  I graduated with an MA from the University of Surrey Roehampton in 2000 and have since worked, individually and in groups, with adults and children in a variety of settings.  My movement therapy training included Laban, Bartenieff Fundamentals, the Franklin Method and Body Mind Centering (BMC).

Shortly after my Movement Therapy training I relocated to Canada for two years where I continued to gain valuable work experience and further training in Laban and BMC.  On returning to London I continued my movement work and also discovered a love of painting and printmaking.

After practising yoga for a number of years, a shoulder injury was making it increasingly difficult to continue.  Experiencing Pilates for the first time felt like a miracle and immediately resonated with me! I found I was able to move in spite of my injury and practicing Pilates has continued to improve my strength and body condition.  I realised very quickly that I wanted to include the movement principles of Pilates in my teaching and this led to my training with Polestar Pilates.

After many years of living in London I now live back in Yorkshire where I am continuing my movement teaching practice.