Mat Classes

‘Thank you so much for the classes Sally. I no longer suffer from any back pain due to years of gardening abuse – I would never have believed how much difference just one hour a week could make. I am so grateful.’ (Penny)

‘I am a reluctant exerciser!  However I want a balanced mind and body in my hectic lifestyle!   The combination of Pilates and acupuncture has proved invaluable at resolving my ongoing back problem, where the consultants had given up – and acupuncture is now unnecessary due to the Pilates. The regular Pilates class has made me realise how much like a rusty gate I was!  Sally’s professionalism and wonderful calm approach is encouraging and positive, which has ensured I maintain regularity in the class, where others have failed.’  (Briget)

‘Sally has been my Pilates teacher for over a year now. I had tried Pilates before a couple of times but didn’t manage to stick with it. This time, Sally’s dedication to ensuring that although I’m with a small group, we all get plenty of individual guidance, means that I am sticking with it! Sally has a lovely manner and an ability to explain tricky moves, simply and clearly. I have certainly noticed a difference in terms of my posture, flexibility and lack of aches and pains. Most importantly, I really enjoy the classes, unfortunately, they just go too quickly!’  (Barbara)

‘I wanted exercise without too much strain on knee joints/shoulders and Pilates seemed an ideal solution.  Sally has introduced me to a new experience of relaxed body control and core strength…..mind and body working together.  I am just a beginner, but with Sally’s expertise, feel the technique is well worth pursuing.  Pilates creates body and movement awareness, thus improving posture and release of muscle tension….looking forward to more!’  (Patricia)

Seated Classes

‘At last I have found a class suited to my needs! The exercises are spot on and the tutor is fantastic and absolutely inclusive.’ (Kath)

‘After 8 months of Pilates I find great benefits and am enjoying the classes more and more.  Our teacher is fantastic.’    (Val)

‘Really enjoying the class.  Am sure it is keeping me flexible.’   (Christine)

‘Very beneficial – have noticed a difference with mobility and particularly with my balance.’  (MS)

‘Wonderful – relaxing.  I feel much better since starting the class.’   (Joyce)

‘I find the class very relaxing and I have found it beneficial to my whole body.’   (Jean)

‘Really feeling the benefit.  More flexible and a significant improvement in walking.  Enjoying every minute!’  (Anon)

‘Enjoy the classes very much and feel they help me relax more.  Feel great afterwards – enjoy the company too.’  (Anon)